Sunday, 16 September 2012

How My Daughter Seduced Me To Have Sex With Her – John Awah

“I became attracted to my daughter, when I saw her. And I told her I wanted to show her true love… Actually, she was the person that started it by always changing her cloths in front of me and this attracted me” – Says John Awah, who claimed that the multiple rounds of sex he had with his daughter was ‘consensual’

It sounds bizarre, untrue, and squeamish, but it’s the whole truth. Yes, it actually took place in Nigeria, Lagos, a city where everything seems possible.

When Chinyere, 18, decided to leave her mother in Abia State and pay her father, John Awah, a visit in Lagos, she must have been longing for a tender loving care, which fathers give their children.

But she surely did not bargain for what she eventually ended up with – steamy sex sessions with her father.

Upon her arrival, her father was shocked to his bone marrow that his daughter who left him when she was a year old, had suddenly grown to a full girl, and he suddenly fell in love with her.

Awah said: “I became attracted to my daughter when I saw her, and I told her I wanted to show her true love.”

Awah, a 53-year-old man, who hails from Ohafia in Abia State, but resides in Shogunle area of Lagos State, started having carnal knowledge of his daughter, Chinyere, by enticing her with gifts whenever he was returning from his Okada business. And he subsequently won his daughter’s heart.

When Chinyere started observing some strange moves by his father, she warned him that such moves were not good enough from a man who claimed to be her father, and who had promised to play a fatherly role to her.

She said that although she never resisted the temptation of having sex with her Dad after he made the initial advances, she had however on one occasion warned her father that such act was extremely dirty.

She said: “When I came to live with my father here in Lagos after 17 years where I was staying with my mother in Abia State, I was very happy and he was happy as well. He accepted me as his daughter and I started living with him and his new wife and children.

“My father told me that he wanted to show me true love, and that I should not worry about anything. He said that if I needed anything, I should tell him. He started buying me gifts whenever he was returning from work. I never knew he had something going on in his mind.

“When his wife travelled, he started sleeping close to me every night; and when I am asleep, he will start caressing my legs.

“On one occasion, I told him that what he was doing was bad and that I will not accept it if he tries it again.

“He told me that I should not be afraid that he loves me as his daughter, and wanted to show me how much he loves and cares for me.

“He started buying gifts, and started getting closer to me everyday. When I noticed that he had gone far, I asked him if this was the right way a father could show love to his daughter, but he shouted at me and warned that I should not allow anyone to hear about it.

“So the very night his wife traveled, he came to where I was sleeping naked and forced himself on me and made love to me. During this time, the other children had slept off, but I was unable to shout. It was as if he used charm on me.

“It was when I got over the influence of what looked like a charm on me that I raised the alarm and alerted some of his brothers. But before this time, he had made love to me eight times.

“He even said that he would send me away from his house, that I was having a boyfriend. He said if I wanted to marry, he would be the person to choose a husband for me. But now that I am pregnant, I don’t know what to do. I told him when he started making love to me that he had his own family, why is he out to destroy my future; but he wouldn’t hear me out. He insisted that my future was secured with him in charge.

“As for the pregnancy, he is not responsible.”

Awah told the Nigerian Compass that when his daughter arrived he was excited, and welcomed her back to the family, but said he was surprised that devil started using him to defile his own daughter.

His words: “When my daughter came back, I was very excited to see her after her mother took her away from me for 17 years. I was ready to show her love as a father but what later happened is what I cannot say exactly how it happened.

“Even as I speak with you now, I can’t really understand if I was actually the person that did that. Well what had happened had happened, but I am still in shock.

“When I first approached her, she never resisted me. Actually, she was the person that started by always changing her cloths in front of me, and this attracted me. I was moved and was attracted to her.

“After making love to her the first time, I always wanted to continue, but I only did it six times. Now that she says she is pregnant, I have told her I am not the one responsible for her pregnancy. She has a boy friend who she was always visiting behind me.

“But when she was pregnant, she came and deceived me that she wanted to buy something that I should give her some money. I gave her N4000. But she later told me that she wanted to use the money for abortion. If I had known that that was why she needed the money, I wouldn’t have given her.

“I actually remarried in 2001, after I divorced Chinyere’s mother in 1993.

“So when she came to live with me, we were all staying in the same room. But when my wife was away and the other children had gone to school, I will call my daughter and make love to her. I never used condom.

“It was when I started getting angry with her for the way she was behaving in the house, always being stubborn, that she reported me to my people.

“I actually told her that because of the way she was keeping boyfriends, that I was ready to send her back to her mother, so she told me that she would expose all I had been doing with her.

“After my people heard it, they called me for settlement and I agreed to settle with them. We never wanted it to get to the police; it was something we could handle as a family. Now that this thing has been revealed, I am pleading for forgiveness and I promise it won’t happen again. It was the devil’s work.”

Police spokesperson, Frank Mba, said: “What we have here is a case of a father who has been alleged to have been involved in serial incestuous relationship with the daughter. He was said to have had series of carnal knowledge of his daughter for a period spanning eight months.

“On my interaction with the victim, she said she could at least count eight times the father had had sex with her. And as most case of incest, the case was unintentionally reported to the police. And also as most cases of incest, we found out that the mother of the girl had divorced the father long ago, and experience shows that cases like this thrives in homes, where mothers are either divorced or do no longer stay with the husband.

“The girl had always lived with the mother, after the parents divorced; and on her visit to the father after 17 years, the ungodly affairs started almost immediately. So the case is still under investigation, and when the investigation is completed, appropriate measures will be taken.

“I want to use this opportunity to advise that mothers should take care of the welfare of their daughters. And absentee mothers, who are divorced or separated from their husbands for any reason should try and build strong relationship with their daughters so that it would help to forestall incident of this nature. We also advised neighbors to help in reporting incidents of this nature to the law enforcement agencies.”


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