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“I distract people, I get distracted” – Nike Oshinowo reveals why she doesn’t go to church

The leggy queen of beauty, Nike Oshinowo, former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, for those who know her too well is a paragon of beauty inwardly and outwardly.
This tall, sexy and ever-radiant woman of essence, who is not just beautiful but also intelligent, has opened up on the reason why she does not go to church despite the fact that the word of God says we shouldn’t forsake the gathering together of holy fellows. The reason behind this, as we are made to know, is because of unnecessary attention her presence often causes whenever she steps into any church. The former beauty queen’s decision was exposed in a TV programme she was featured in not too long ago one part of the secrets she shared about herself is why she does not have a place of worship and the reason why she prefers to commune with God inside the four corners of her house. “Any time I enter a church, people are always quick to notice me and some may not even concentrate on the service anymore as I always become the center …

Sage Stallone killed by heart attack, says coroner

Father and son ... Sage and Sly Stallone many years ago SYLVESTER Stallone's son Sage died from natural causes due to a heart condition, it has been confirmed.The 36-year-old, from Sly's first marriage to Sasha Czack, was found dead at his Hollywood apartment on July 13. Despite earlier allegations of drug use, none were found in his system at the time of death, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner. Officials said on Thursday that Sage passed away due to a condition that causes blockage of the arteries. A source told TMZ, it was "unusual" for a person Sage's age to have such advanced coronary problems. An initial autopsy on Sage's body proved inconclusive. Back to work ... Sylvester Stallone made it to the Expendables 2 premiere in London earlier this month Following Sage's tragic passing, Sly was left "devastated" and "grief-stricken" by his loss and missed several promotional events for his film The Expendables 2. He said: "Whe…

“I don’t mind marrying a younger lover” – Bimbo Akintola

Although some hitherto eligible babes in Nollywood – Mercy Johnson, Funke Akindele, Stephanie Okereke and few others  have recently waved ‘Bye’ to spinsterhood, Bimbo Akintola remains single with ease.
Although she has been experiencing marriages, but it is in various films and plays where she usually emerges as one of the play makers, as she recently did in Sefi Atta’s The Naming Ceremony staged in London during the Olympic Games. In Hoodrush, produced by Dimeji Ajibola, she is Alhaja who sucks romance from young Shez (O. C. Ukeje), who needs her financial muscle and support to wade through trying times. Despite such romance with the altar, any of Akintola’s fans who thinks she is missing real life marriage had, however,  better purge him/herself of such a thought.  According to her, time ought to have taught any discerning person that the traditional attachment people have to marriage can no more remain the same. Besides, she believes that age is no longer a barrier to marriage as it …

Breaking News – Nollywood Actor, Rich Oganiru Poisoned & Killed Wife Over Property

Please look at his pictures again if you`re still in doubt because he`s presently battling a murder scandal for his alleged involvement in the complicity leading to the death of a very rich Abuja based multimillionaire businesswoman believed to be his wife.
The deceased, as we  gathered reliably is not his first wife, the first wife also died mysteriously years back and he was in a very poor state of life before he met the Abuja based multimillionaire who transformed his life in a matter of months. The Owerri born actor Rich Oganiru , as you read this, swimming in a murder scandal that might have him behind bars for the rest of his life except for divine intervention. Mr. Rich, according to our own findings has featured in movies such as Queen of Hasso Rock, Wasted Effort, Pay Day,, Battle Of The Rich, Political Control, Last Confession as well as many others.
We can exclusively disclose that the actor is presently at the homicide section of the force headquarters, Abuja where he’s being…

Varsity vs Polytechnic education: The unending HND-BA/BSc dichotomy

…UTME may have worsened situation
WITH no more than 38 per cent of applicants sure to gain admission into the nation’s higher institutions this year, attention of students has started shifting from universities to polytechnics and colleges of education. The grass, however, is not greener on the other side as a large number of students still struggle for limited admission spaces. For these students, the polytechnics and colleges of education are just a “how-for-do” option after unsuccessful attempts at securing university admission. This, coupled with discrimination against non-university degree holders by employers of labour does not bode well for the educational system. While in office as President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on January 5, 2006, at a meeting with members of the House of Representatives Committee on Education and the then Minister of Education, Mrs. Chinwe Obaji, approved a policy, which reversed the discriminatory policy restricting holders of the Higher National Diploma (…

“Other Women Want It, I Wonder How To Stop Mine.” – Nurse Who Has Up To 100 Orgasms A Day

Kim Ramsey, 44, feels constantly aroused and the slightest movement can trigger a climax. Trains, driving and even housework start the reaction. But unlike women who yearn for the “Yes, yes!” experience, Kim just thinks “Oh no!”
The orgasms leave her in pain, exhausted and unable to have a normal relationship. She said: “Other women wonder how to have an orgasm — I wonder how to stop mine.” Kim was diagnosed with incurable Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. Doctors blame spinal cysts caused when she fell down stairs ten years ago. Kim, from Hitchin, Herts, but now living in Montclair, New Jersey, US, first had problems after sex with a new boyfriend in 2008. She said: “I had constant orgasms for four days. I thought I was going mad. It also happened with a new partner and I even tried sitting on frozen peas.”
Dr PAM SPURR – Relationship expert PEOPLE might joke but this condition is no laughing matter for sufferers.
They find it difficult to talk about the problem, fearing people will laug…

Obasanjo blasts Eedris Abdulkarem again: “How could a reasonable man call Nigeria jagajaga?”

For those who thought former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s anger towards Nigerian rapper, Eidris Abdulkarem’s 2004 hit song, “Nigeria jaga jaga”, has subsided and gone with the years goofed because the dust is yet to settle on the matter. The two time president of Nigeria  while speaking at a forum organized by Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI)in Lagos on Tuesday, condemned the attitude of our modern day youth towards Nigeria. Still so embittered over Abdulkareem’s hit track, which ruled the airwaves in 2004, Baba, as many would call him affirmed that it shows that the singer doesn’t believe in future of the country. While lamenting the rate of corruption and suffering of the masses, Obasanjo maintained that with such mind set our youths are carried away with so much venom and hatred for their country. According to him, “One of the worst problems Nigeria is facing is disbelief. Nigerians no longer believe in themselves neither do they believe in their country. That takes me back to that…

Anambra to begin Crude Oil Production on Thursday, Jonathan to Inaugurate Oil Well

Anambra State will begin crude oil production on Thursday as President Jonathan will inaugurate the first oil well in what will be the genesis of inland basin crude oil production in Nigeria.
The crude oil production in the state is being undertaken by Orient Petroleum Resources, a company floated by the Anambra State government to exploit the State’s oil. The company operated under the tenets of Public Private Partnership. Orient has two oil prospecting licenses for the Anambra Basin. They are OPL 915 and OPL 916. The company has completed a 10km access road leading to the well to be inaugurated by the President. Whilst in Anambra, the President will also be inaugurating the new Orange Drugs factory in Onitsha, as well as the SAB Miller Brewery, which is the second largest Brewery in Africa.

Obama declares Nigeria world’s next economic giant

WASHINGTON— President of the United States of America, Senator Barrack Obama, has declared Nigeria as the world’s next economic success story. He said the discovery was one of the major reasons why his government was committed to helping the country build strong democratic institutions and as well remove constraints to trade and investment through the African Growth and Opportunity, AGOA. Making this declaration at the ongoing US-Nigeria Trade and Investment Forum, organised by the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation, NIDOA, in Washington DC, President Obama, who was represented by Ambassador Eunice Reddick, a top official of the US Department, said his country expanded opportunities for Nigeria to effectively access its neighbour’s market, and diversify its economy beyond a narrow reliance on natural resources as a result of the discovery that Nigeria will emerge as the world’s next economic giant. President Obama said: “As we support these efforts, the Diaspora can play an important rol…

Why ex-minister, Nnaji fell

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan  yesterday accepted the resignation letter of Power Minister, Prof. Barth Nnaj, it was however gathered that the former Power Minister was summoned by President Jonathan, over allegation that he (Nnaji) was fronting for him in the Privatisation exercise in the energy sector. The rattled minister, sources said, was surprised by the president’s question and reportedly denied the charge. The president, the source went on, delivered the final blow when he queried the former minister’s interest in one of the firms involved in the privatisation process. Prof. Nnaji told the president that he had disclosed to the National Council on Privatisation, that he used to have interest in one  of the firms bidding to buy the Afam Power plant in Enugu. An outraged President Jonathan, the source said, told the minister that he ought to have known that there would be conflict of interest in the exercise. After venting his anger at the minister, Nnaji threw in the towel by o…

Rihanna looks spliffing

Looking smoking ... Rihanna
RIHANNA appears to be living the high leaf as she wears a weed-friendly top.The 24-year-old singer jetted into London from LA wearing a red jumper with an image of someone looking like they were skinning up a joint. She was also wearing a charming necklace saying, 'f*** you', as she teamed her non child-friendly outfit with a Chanel bag, thigh-high split skirt and some comfy Converse with massive headphones. Legging it out ... in the airport The singer-turned-designer is in the UK to do some business with high street fashion store River Island and wrote on Twitter: "Off to do some River Island business #fashawn #takeof." Naughty necklace ... Rihanna
Let's hope she'll wear something a bit less pot-ty for herParalympics Closing Ceremony duet with Chris Martin.

I’m most criticised president in the world – Jonathan

ABUJA—President Goodluck Jonathan said on Monday he would prove critics of his administration wrong by 2013, when the dividends of new policies introduced begin to manifest. Jonathan said this while declaring open the 52nd Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in Abuja. He said he was the most criticised President in the world at the moment because his critics failed to understand that the country’s current challenges predated his administration. He assured that his critics would have cause to praise him at the end of the life of his administration, when his Transformation Agenda would have yielded the expected dividends. “I think I am the most criticised president in the whole world, but I tell this noble audience that before I leave, I will also be the most praised president. President Goodluck Jonathan “I have experienced that before in my governorship journey in Bayelsa State. In fact, people who were close to me will tell you that even after the election, I …

Why I resigned as PDP BOT Chairman, by Obasanjo

ABEOKUTA— Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, weekend, broke his silence on why he resigned as the party’s Board of Trustees Chairman, claiming that he did it so as to concentrate on international issues. Obasanjo said his resignation was “to attract business opportunities to Africa in general and Nigeria, in particular, in view of the happenings in Europe and America.” Reacting to the crisis bedeviling the Peoples’  Democratic Party, PDP, in Ogun State, the former President declared that he had no grudge against ex-governor of the state, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, the party’s financier, Buruji Kashamu and other aggrieved members of the party. Obasanjo, who spoke during a stakeholders’ meeting in his Hiltop residence in Abeokuta, urged party executives to open its doors to everybody ‘regardless of their antecedents.’ It would be recalled that the party has been enmeshed in leadership crisis which had polarised the party into four  factions with Obasanjo, Daniel, Kashamu and Jubril Marti…

IBB to Buhari 'I Will Expose Your Dirty Laundry', As Elrufai Lists His Corrupt Past

A few hours after President Goodluck Jonathan and ex-Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari took a swipe at former  leaders, ex-Military President Ibrahim Babangida fired back.

He asked Dr. Jonathan to learn to accept criticisms and threatened to expose the “holier-than thou-attitude” of Gen. Buhari.

Gen. Babangida, who spoke through Prince Kassim Afegbua, his media adviser, reminded Gen. Buhari that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

He also advised Dr. Jonathan to look elsewhere, not him, if he is blaming past leaders that are criticising him.

Kassim said: “On President Jonathan, there is nothing wrong in criticism if it is constructive and in the interest of the country. Gen. Babangida is one unique former President who does not criticise a sitting President as a matter of courtesy.

“If President Jonathan is blaming past leaders, he should look elsewhere, certainly not IBB.

“On Gen. Buhari, it is not in IBB’s tradition to take up issues with his colleague former Presi…

Access Bank marketer die of hypertension trying to meet target

A report on Newsacross, claims that in desperate bid to increase its capital base, Access Bank, has resorted to numerous unethical practices. In a desperate bid to remain in business, the bank has set unrealistic targets for their female staff, insisting that they either live up to expectations or lose their jobs. A huge number of female bankers, have either lost their jobs due to non-compliance or kept the jobs by embracing what has now been tagged ‘corporate prostitution’. The report also states that Access Bank, has even gone a step further by buying official cars for some of the ladies, who go about in skimpy revealing dresses to seduce high net-worth ‘customers’ to make deposits. This ‘trade’ has been so mastered by some ladies that they don’t have to fix a date or a venue for the exploitation, as they have ‘ready-made package’ for randy depositors who wish to explore the spontaneity aspect of the business.
According to Newsacross: “One of the female marketers, Solabomi Olugbemi, …

Mystery as ‘murdered teacher withdraws money from bank account’

The people of Afuda, Ebhoiyi Uromi, in Esan North East Local Government  Area  of Edo State were thrown into mourning on  Sunday, August 5 after unknown gunmen, suspected to be assassins, killed the chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) in the council,  Daniel Ehinon Akhidi. The deceased, who was also the Secretary of Esan North East LGA Public Primary School Worker/Farmers Multi-Purpose Corporative Society Limited, Uromi, was a calm and peaceful community leader and that was why his sudden death came as a rude  shock to not only his family members but  also to the entire NUT family and Uromi as a whole. Sunday Vanguard was informed that the incident occurred at about 8p.m. on the fateful day when some unknown gunmen followed the 51-year-old teacher to his residence. It was said that when the victim got to his residence, the suspects accosted  him at his gate, pushed him out of his car and started beating him. Daniel’s plea to the suspected assassins to save his life  attracte…

2015: Northern leaders’ opposition to Jonathan, a huge joke – Gulak

Alhaji Ahmad Gulak, a lawyer and politician is the Special Adviser on Political Matters to President Goodluck Jonathan. He can be described as a sharp shooter because he does not mince words on issues bothering on the administration and Nigeria. His depth of knowledge of contemporary Nigerian issues, eloquence, fearlessness and outspokenness, especially on matters that seem to touch on his boss, have singled him out as one of the most visible aides of President Jonathan. In this interview Gulak takes the opponents of the President to task and warned them to desist from distracting Mr. President from concentrating on the job Nigerians elected him to do. He particularly warns former President Olusegun Obasanjo to stop stirring the political waters ahead of the 2015 poll and describes northern leaders’ opposition to Jonathan’s 2015 ambition as the greatest joke of the century. The interview is explosive and irresistible. Excerpts:
WHAT do you make of former President Obasanjo’s alleged endor…