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Governor Udom Opens State-Of-The-Art Tooth Pick And Pencil Factory

“Tooth Picks Are For People That Eat Not for The Hungry”, Akwa Ibom Youths Moan Over Udom’s Tooth Pick & Pencil Factory. In the midst of this nation’s grinding recession one Governor has been able to build a complete factory. The Governor of Akwa Ibom State has built an operational tooth pick and pencil factory from ground zero. The Governor won his election on the promise that he was going to build the first industries and factories in the State after 20 years when the last industrial factories ( all which are now moribund) were built by late Governor Clement Isong, during the NPN era in the early 80’s. Through a random interview by two of our staff in the state it was discovered some citizens of Akwa Ibom State are bitter and of the opinion that the Governor Udom should have invested his vision in agriculture. Nigeria they say is the world’s largest producer of Cassava. Cassava is where starch is produced from, a most sort after additive in many industrial nations – a s…