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Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Advised To Commit Suicide By Facebook Followers

Yesterday Facebook Dramaqueen Kemi Olunloyo played an expensive joke which backfired. She wrote on her Facebook wall "F**K President Jonathan. If he wins in 2015, I'm committing suicide"

Suicide is a very sensitive word to joke with....Probably Kemi expected those following her on Facebook to beg her not to do it...well that is what is expected when people say they will take their life.

Kemi however got a shocker when she was advised to do it quickly and told different ways on how to quicken the suicide mode.

Her response to the 'kind words' are

''115 Nigerians wished me SUICIDE! It was a shock that our ppl play with such a thing when I cracked a joke that I will commit suicide if Jonathan wins 2015. Not only did they not look at the bigger pic that he will win b4 I kill myself, they all had different ways for me to do it and wished it so bad.

Say no to suicide. It is not a joke.
#RIP to all we lost in the struggle.
My fan page is now closed PERMANENTLY.''

*The people of facebook versus Kemi......who said it better? perhaps they were joking and she missed their joke. Is it right to advise someone to commit suicide and then suggest ways for them to do it?
Is Kemi such a bi*ch that people want her dead?

How much is otapiapia sef? lol

Source: Stella


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