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FLIRTING...When Your Friend Hits On Your Man/Woman.....

What do you do when your close friend constantly flirts with your Man/Woman?

When you complain it looks like you are paranoid or insecure but you know your friend too well and you know what they are doing is flirting!
What do you do to that friend? Talk heart to heart? Warn them off?Avoid bringing up the discussion or cut them off completely?
Do you have a friend right now flirting corner corner with your lover and using valid excuses?

Are you watching helplessly because you dont want to be termed a trouble maker?
Are you flirting with your friend's lover right now?
Why are you doing it and what do you hope to achieve?
Some of you have told your friends so many intimate things about your lover that all they want to do is 'taste the pudding'

Source: Stella D


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